Atemzug / Spielzug

This film is an experiment. It is two films. Intended to be seen without the viewers knowledge that these films belong together.

The setting is the cellar of an old theatre in which two opposing parties struggle for their goals. Which film will you watch - Which side will you take?

Created for the cologne 47elf competition (which requires filmmakers to complete the film in the course of 47 hours and 11 minutes)

2008, DV, 2x6min

Two films by Johannes Duncker & Sebastian Hilger

Cast & Crew

Tomasso Tessitori
Yvonne Reimer
Sebastian Kolb
David Koch

Directors | Johannes Duncker & Sebastian Hilger
Directors of Photography | Josa Jungnickel & Lisa-Maria Müller
Script | Nadine Gottman & Adrian Wolf
Props/Make-up | Alina Truman Light | Moritz Busch Music | Andrew Reich