Einen Tick anders

(A Different Tic)

The former turkish bouncer Ibrahim returns to Cologne after an abcence of 20 years. After the death of his wife in Turkey his return is his attempt at resolving an attack on him which he suspects was executed by an old friend of his. Altough Ibrahim has grown old and suffers from nervous ticks, he still has one major advantage: the ability to have a premonition of his very near future. He soon has to realize though that his old partner has been called. Ibrahim teams up with stuttering young wannabe-mobster Oleg who tries to exact revenge for the murder of his boss. The unlikely team is confronted with more and more obstacles as they begin to find out that a major mobster is behind the assasination of Oleg's boss.

90min, magical realist gangster drama with comedic elements

Treatment available

Written by Johannes Duncker

Photo CC by Neil Moralee